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Introducing the Funeral Service Converter

Admit it, it’s a hassle to lift a casket off a church truck onto a bier for a service. Not only does it add to the manpower (and time) required to set up a chapel for the service, but it can also cause back strain for the workers and possible worker’s compensation claims for you! If only there was a better way... well now there is!

Introducing the Funeral Service Converter from GB Chapel Furnishings, a customizable piece of furniture made specifically with the needs of funeral homes in mind. Constructed from solid mahogany, the Converter opens up and surrounds the church truck, giving the appearance that the casket is resting on a beautiful piece of furniture. When the service is over, the Converter is simply moved, and the church truck can be wheeled away for transport to the church or cemetery.

But the Funeral Service Converter is as versatile as it is convenient. In literally a matter of minutes, it can be folded to create a pedestal stand for an urn, photograph or flowers used in a memorial service.

When not in use, simply fold the Converter for easy storage.


  • Customized hardwood furniture
  • Casket stays on the church truck from the time it’s delivered to the funeral home
  • No more lifting; minimizes injuries and worker’s compensation claims
  • Reduces need for extra personnel to assist with setting up the chapel
  • Folds up and a table top is locked onto the folded unit with a matching pedestal that can be used for a Memorial and/or Cremation service.
  • Conversion takes only a few minutes
  • Stores easily in a closet or can be used as a piece of furniture
    in a chapel when not in use.

For more information, contact:

GB Chapel Furnishings, LLC
22 Sunset Drive
Ashburnham, MA 01430
(978) 895-2645

Patent Pending 12/980670



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Funeral Service Converter

Funeral Service Converter

Funeral Service Converter

“I’ve been a licensed funeral home
director for over 20 years and I can
honestly say that the
Funeral Service Converter
is the best addition that our firm
has ever made.”

~ Andrew Boucher, Funeral Director



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